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Insanity in the Name Of

Philosophical Discussion Forum looked to be as good a place as any for me to put this little bit. I love the idea of pantheism because it puts a little bit of god in all of us and doesn't require belief in supernatural beings or outright atheism either one. That said, this is what I want people to THINK about. WHY in a thousand lifetimes would ANYONE want a God that condoned killing? I know a lot of people will condem me for daring to broach the subject, but why can't we worry about GOOD rather than a GOD? Are we so greedy as a species that we have to create the illusion of immortality in order to feel good about our little egos? I notice a recurring theme in world events. It seems that the three religions that trace their roots back to Abraham are the CAUSE of nearly all the EVIL that makes the news these days. I like what John Lennon said a few years ago, IMAGINE. Imagine no religion. Imagine a world where people loved and helped each other rather than throw stones over differences that are about of all things something that doesn't even exist except in their overactive imaginations and some really old books. Who should we believe? People that wrote on clay with sticks and sat in the dark with animals or scientists with electron microscopes and the very best of computers and sensing devices? I could care less how someone chooses to view or not view god. I CARE very much when they take up arms over an illusion that no man has ever seen and that furthermore seems to be at the root of nearly every war that was ever fought. Always this god. I wish I could catch it and put it in a bottle in the Museum of Natural History. oops...supernatural I should have said. Sorry if I stepped on anyones toes with this but the more I look at the headlines the more sure I am when I say enough of religion is ENOUGH when it is the fuel for the fire of murder and hate. Thanks for hearing my unpopular side of this.
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This is a MUST-SEE film for anyone who is interested in the meaning of life.

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The meaning of life is clearly laid out in this masterful musical arrangement by the immortal Frank Zappa. Thank you Mr. Zappa! You are a true guiding light.
I hope you all enjoy this as much as I do:


SUBGENIUS FETTUCCINI: Rev. Stang is a constant source of comfort and inspiration to me.

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In order to understand the meaning of life one must first understand his/her place in can watch this series of six parts right here just hover your cursor over the player, after the first part is over and then select Part 2.